• GOAL: Transform the digital engagement model for a 130+-year-old American institution.  Improving brand perception and driving more support through digital platforms.

  • BEGINNING STATE:  750+ local chapters with their own homegrown digital strategies.  Many unstable, none efficient.​


    • Enterprise-grade: on-demand scalable (Oracle|ATG) digital platform for online fundraising, blood donations and course enrollment rearchitected for non-profit.


  • Local Identity:  using the ATG personalization every local chapter was able to retain their local community presence.


  • Mobile experience:  comprehensive mobile experience including premium sms program (90999) and mobile apps. 


Six weeks after the new digital platform launched, it was put to the test with one of the biggest disasters to hit the east coast; Superstorm Sandy.


The results:

  • $23M in donations in 90 minutes across the platform; online, mobile and phone.

  • The highest single donation day in the history of the Red Cross.

  • Recognized by Oracle and celebrated as a crowning achievement. 

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

San Diego, CA