Cindy Skach

Advisor, Fractional Marketing Director

Engagement types

  • Fractional Marketing Director
  • Marketing Strategy


Known as the Marketing Translator

It’s almost impossible to focus on big picture ideas and impending opportunities when you have to spend time on the day to day of your marketing team. Cindy specializes in walking the line between what the C-suite needs from marketing and what the marketing execution team needs to move the dial day-to-day. She loves the “director” level as it allows her to think both strategically and tactically. She is able to translate long-term objectives into tactics. Fractional Marketing Directors are experts at removing distractions from smart people so that they can focus on value-adding work. Her goal is to help teams run more efficiently, raise profits, and get you back to innovating without the commitment of a full-time employee.
Cindy has a knack for relating to the customer, understanding how to drive interest and campaign response effectively. Her sales background allows her to appreciate the benefits of marketing to engage with sales and customer experience. She has incorporated the fundamentals of Sales Enablement throughout her career. In recent years she has embraced Inbound Marketing for lead generation and tracking and continues to leverage the opportunities digital marketing provides. She has experience with EOS and is a big fan of Traction and the benefits of the entire EOS experience.

She is passionate about marketing to connect people and businesses with the goods and services they need or want. With over 15 years in various marketing roles at Time Warner Cable, eight years of Sales and Marketing leadership for mid-sized businesses, and three years of marketing consulting for SMB’s, she brings the right mix of experience for any sized company.

Bring Experience to the table

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