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Case Study

Driving Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Case Study

Revolutionizing Customer Care: How Altice's Visionary Leader Transformed the Media & Communications Landscape

Discover how Altice, a prominent player in the Media & Communications sector, embarked on a journey to reshape its customer care landscape. Through visionary leadership and intelligent BPO operations, Altice not only elevated revenue generation but also achieved a remarkable increase in customer satisfaction. Dive into the details of this case study to uncover the strategic approach, challenges overcome, and the lasting impact that redefined the industry landscape.

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The Media & Communications sector, a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, presented Altice with a pivotal crossroads. In the midst of fierce competition and shifting consumer expectations, Altice recognized the pressing need to bolster revenue generation while concurrently enhancing customer satisfaction. With a workforce ranging from 500 to 600 full-time equivalents (FTE), Altice understood that the status quo would no longer suffice, prompting a strategic reassessment of its inbound customer care approach.


At the helm of this transformative endeavor stood a determined and visionary leader. Charged with the mission of redefining Altice's customer care landscape, this individual undertook the formidable challenge of architecting an all-encompassing inbound Customer Care program. The aspiration was twofold: to provide unparalleled technical support that resolved issues swiftly and effectively, while simultaneously elevating the overall customer experience to foster lasting loyalty. The leader's ambitions extended further - to position Altice not just as a player in the market, but as a "champion challenger" that would disrupt norms and set new industry standards.

Embracing this challenge meant more than just a reconfiguration of operational procedures. It involved inspiring a paradigm shift, both within the organization and in the perceptions of the broader industry. The leader recognized that to stand out in a saturated market, Altice needed not only streamlined processes but also a renewed commitment to customer-centricity.


Under the guidance and strategic direction of this visionary leader, the transformation unfolded with remarkable precision. Altice's customer service and technical support operations transcended their previous limitations, evolving into the embodiment of operational excellence. By harnessing intelligent BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) operations, Altice was able to deliver not only swift technical resolutions but also meaningful interactions that resonated with customers.

The impact was substantial and quantifiable - customer satisfaction surged by more than 30%, underscoring the effectiveness of the leader's approach. This achievement resonated far beyond mere numbers. It solidified Altice's position as an industry contender that could challenge established norms and drive innovation.

This case study serves as a testament to the profound influence of visionary leadership in effecting transformative change. The convergence of strategic foresight, operational ingenuity, and a commitment to customer-centricity led to a resounding success story for Altice. In the intricate tapestry of the Media & Communications industry, this visionary leader wove a narrative of growth, resilience, and customer empowerment, reshaping the customer care landscape and setting new benchmarks for excellence.



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