Building Sustainable Growth

Fractional executive Leaders with a proven track record

Private Equity firms and equity-backed companies are turning to Fractional Executive leaders to take the risk out of their growth plans. 

Private equity firms and companies with publicly traded stock are looking to hire executives that can help them build their business through various strategies. This is because they want a way of building higher confidence in the growth plans for those who invest before an IPO or using private funds, which could take years rather than months.

Turn To A Fractional Head of Sales

What is a fractional Executive leader?

Most companies today lack a complete marketing and sales strategy.

Mahdlo is here to help your business succeed. We will work with you to create an integrated plan that includes both sales and marketing components, so that you can achieve the results you want for your company.

Our team of strategists are experts at pairing your unique needs with our proven methodology. We have helped many businesses grow from small startups to large international corporations by developing strategies specific to their industry and goals. Let us help you craft a winning strategy!

Fractional executive leaders work as a part of the leadership team

  • Understand the current sales and marketing practices of your current or future portfolio company
  • Build a robust marketing and sales practice
  • Consult, advise, mentor and coach sales and marketing talent
  • Advise on transformational sales and marketing initiatives

Private Equity Brands

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Get A Jump On Your Growth Plans

The Mahdlo Executive Team Is Focused On One Thing, Your Growth

  • Proven Programs. Practices and programs that have been in-market tested. We don't deal in theories.
  • Strategy + Delivery. We help you unleash your growth potential with your team.
  • Extensive Vertical Experience. Been there, done that. We apply best practices from across verticals
  • Executives across functions. From marketing to sales to HR, we have the experience to build sustainable growth.

accelerate growth when
sales and marketing
are working together
to drive growth

What Makes Us Different

fractional executive leaders bring bench strength

Our Fractional Executive Leaders have built Turnkey Programs Customized For Your Challenges​​

We’ve combined all of our seasoned executive’s practices into several turnkey solutions that can be customized to any organization’s current challenge. We’ve built these practices, and we’ve used them. They aren’t theories. They are proven methods that work.

100 Day Growth Plan

Your sales and marketing functions are working at cross purposes, which is why you’re not growing as fast as you want.

The problem is that your sales team is focused on closing deals today – but they don’t think about the long-term impact of their actions on your brand. Meanwhile, your marketing team only focuses on driving short-term traffic to your website without considering how this impacts revenue over time. This means that neither group understands how to drive sustainable growth for the business.

We’ve mapped out a 100 day plan for you so that both groups can work together in harmony with each other instead of against each other! Our goal is to help you grow faster than ever before by optimizing both sides of the house (sales & marketing). If we deliver results like what we have delivered for our clients then there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be able to achieve amazing things together!

Integrated Sales Plan

Channel Effectiveness

Are their potential new revenue opportunities?  Are we focused on the right channel?

Strategic Alignment

Are your sales and marketing teams working towards the same goals?

Customer Technology

Do you know if your technology is an enabler of your growth strategy? Or is it getting in the way?

Process And Resourcing

How do I increase my close ratio and grow my sales team?

Integrated Marketing Plan

Sustainable Velocity

Do your marketing and sales teams have the velocity to meet your objectives?

Strategic Alignment

Are your sales and marketing teams working towards the same goals?

Customer Technology

Is your technology getting in the way or helping you grow?

Organizational Agility

Do we have the right resources and talent deployed in the most efficient way?

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