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Case Study

Revolutionizing Customer Care

Case Study

Discover How First National Bank of Texas Transformed Customer Care for Unparalleled Satisfaction

Explore the remarkable journey of First National Bank of Texas as it redefined customer care excellence. With an extensive customer base spanning multiple states and diverse banking needs, the bank faced the challenge of managing over 2 million calls and chats annually. Partnering with a strategic solution provider, the bank achieved remarkable outcomes, including a 25% increase in Quality Assurance scores, a 25% rise in Agent capacity through innovative recruitment strategies, and a 10% reduction in Average Handling Time. Delve into this case study to learn how intelligent BPO operations propelled the bank towards enhanced service quality, operational efficiency, and exceptional customer satisfaction, driving revenue growth along the way.

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First National Bank of Texas, a prominent financial institution serving multiple states, encountered a critical challenge in managing its extensive customer base exceeding 1 million individuals. With a vast network of branches and diverse banking needs, the bank required a potent customer care strategy capable of efficiently handling customer inquiries and requests. The existing in-house customer support framework struggled to manage the high influx of calls and chats, leading to compromised customer satisfaction and operational efficacy.


The bank grappled with the task of elevating its customer care services to accommodate the demands of its substantial clientele. The intricate task of handling over 2 million annual calls and chats necessitated a solution that not only managed the large call volume but also upheld interaction quality. Ensuring well-trained and proficient customer care agents, adept in call handling and accurate information delivery, emerged as a critical requirement. Additionally, the bank aspired to minimize Average Handling Time (AHT) and curb Agent attrition while augmenting overall service excellence.


The collaboration with an external partner yielded impressive outcomes for First National Bank of Texas, resulting in the following significant improvements:

Enhanced Quality Assurance: Notably, there was a substantial 25% augmentation in Quality Assurance (QA) scores when comparing the 4th quarter of 2022 to the 3rd quarter. This noteworthy surge in quality standards was sustained consistently throughout the 1st quarter of 2023, underscoring the steadfastness and efficacy of the adopted approach.

Amplified Agent Capacity: Across the recent 90-day span, the bank succeeded in bolstering its customer care capabilities by expanding the Agent count by 25%. Accomplished by refining the training of new Agents and diminishing attrition among active Agents, this boost in workforce facilitated the efficient management of customer inquiries, thereby curtailing waiting times and fostering improved customer contentment.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: One of the primary objectives was the reduction of Average Handling Time (AHT) through more streamlined call handling. Astute strategies and intelligent BPO operations led to a notable 10% decrease in AHT during the 4th quarter, in contrast to the 3rd quarter. This optimization translated to expedited resolution of customer queries, contributing substantially to enriched customer experiences.

In conclusion, the strategic alliance forged by First National Bank of Texas, aimed at optimizing its customer care operations, generated significant headway in service quality, Agent capacity, and call handling efficiency. This partnership not only fortified the bank's reputation for exceptional customer service but also played a pivotal role in driving revenue through heightened customer satisfaction and operational dexterity.



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