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B2B Demand Generation

Case Study

Transforming Marketing From A Cost Center To A Profit Center

TESSCO Technologies is a leading value-added supplier of wireless communications products for network infrastructure, site support, fixed and mobile broadband networks, and mobile phone accessories.Tessco has a long and well-established heritage in the wireless industry. We provided key equipment for the second ever cellular network built in the USA, in 1983. And over 30 years later, Tessco is continuing to set the pace as the leading value-added distributor to the wireless world.

Return for every dollar invested
Marketing Generated Revenue


Distributors can turn their cost centers into profit centers by selling value-added services and making money in the process. This strategy can help them achieve increased profits and greater efficiency, allowing them to grow their business and increase their market share. By offering value-added services, distributors can provide their customers with more options, higher quality products and better customer service, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition.


Build a marketing agency model that delivers incremental revenue and meets lead gen goals by selling our comprehensive range of marketing services. Our services are designed to help businesses increase their sales, grow their customer base, and maximize their ROI. With our expertise and market insights, we are confident that we can help your business reach its goals.


As a result of the initiative, we have seen a dramatic increase in our return on marketing spend from (-)$2 to a positive $7.5 per dollar invested. Last year we saw a 27% increase in total revenue and a 9 point improvement in margin. These results demonstrate the success of our efforts and the benefits of investing in our marketing initiatives.


Our team is a powerhouse of experts who work together seamlessly to transform revenue trajectories. We trust each other to deliver outstanding results, and our combined experience and expertise have created a force for positive change that goes beyond just a group of individuals.