Organizational Agility

Building a Championship team

Deploy your human capital for growth

Organizational Agility is having the flexibility to deploy your capital towards the right resources.

Deploying the right talent in the right positions is key to delivering on your growth plans.  We assist in the development of a championship team that can deliver on your growth objectives.  We provide everything from organizational design to competency models to talent sourcing to executive coaching.


deploying human capital for growth

Building a Championship team

Organizational Agility

Right Talent In The Right Roles

Building a championship team is all about deploying the right resources to the right functions to deliver on your marketing objectives and overall growth strategies for the business.

A championship team in the modern marketing-era is one that is high performing, operating as one with a relentless drive to outperform themselves.


Be thoughtful about your team and culture

Your people are who you are

Before You Hire Your First Marketer or Sales Person

First, know what you want them to do. You must have goals aligned with the organization’s overall growth strategy, building marketing effectiveness.

Second, You must understand the sub-functions and processes that will stimulate your growth. At this point, you are designing groups of activities to reduce organizational friction and enable velocity.

Third, determine your core competencies and decide which core competencies you should staff and which you should contract or outsource. It’s a big question, but one that will help you reach your budgeting goals.

Lastly, align the resources. Put the people, agencies, and contractors in the boxes. The hardest part!


The most valuable of all capital
is that invested in human beings

Alfred Marshall

our Process for

building a championship team

Our process is about connecting your brand values (what you want to project as an organization) to your corporate values (the elements you measure) to individual competencies.

Connecting the people you hire and how you deploy them will make or break your growth plans. Our process includes frameworks for deploying your human capital for growth. 

We look at four dimensions. First, how are your corporate values connected to how your team is measured. Second, what are the core competencies required to drive growth? Third, what functions do you hire for, and which should you outsource. Lastly, how do you grow and build talent within your organization?


Connecting the dots

Strategic Alignment

Is Sales and Marketing working together to get more than your fair share of the market?

Sustainable Velocity

Is your growth engine running fast enough?  And is it driving insight back into the plan?

Customer Technology

Is your technology an enabler or is it getting in the way?  Is it always the limiting factor?

Organizational Agility

Do we have the right resources and talent deployed in the most efficient way?


Organizational Agility: Thought Leadership

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