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100 Day Growth Plan

Don’t think of us a traditional agency or consulting firm.

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Identify stallers and executing on the fundamentals

It really comes down to four basic questions.  If you answer then honestly and you don’t have at least 95% in the answer, it’s time to relook at your growth strategy.

  • Is your team focused on the right initiatives to drive growth?
  • Are your growth teams moving fast enough to outpace your competitors?
  • Do you have the right customer technologies to support your growth goals?
  • Do you have the right human capital in place and are they deployed effectively?

enabling growth fundamentals

Growth isn’t just about sales or marketing or even finance.  It’s about all these pieces working together to drive sustainable growth over time and multiple planning cycles.  To truly build a market-winning plan, we built our plan on expertise in marketing, sales, and finance.

Not every business needs every part of the plan.  We often find clients who need to enable growth through sales.  Expand markets and demand generation with marketing.  Many want to build a growth plan to improve their return on acquisition spend or a valuation through their finance function.

Not every business, takes 100 days.  Some organizations can deliver improvement others may take 120 days to turn around.  

We can usually give you that assessment in our first conversation.

3. Revenue Model and Channel Strategy

Develop an effective sales strategy requires leveraging best practices, choosing the right markets and creating a winning culture of success. And, a revenue generation forecast which incorporates smart pricing strategies by target market and quantifies performance is key to sales success.

Supporting Functions

Delivery: The Plan

  • Once we identified the key areas of improvement, we break these down into phases: Quick Wins and Planning, Activation, and Optimization.  It’s not necessarily a linear process and every client’s plan is a little bit different.  The initial plan typically takes between 90 to 120 days depending on the scope and work identified.  An important note:  We are building a growth engine practice for your business.  We aren’t miracle workers, but what you’ll have is an integrated growth plan to drive your growth for the 3-5 years. 
Phase I: Quick Wins & Planning (30 - 45 Days)

Phase I: Quick Wins & Planning (30 - 45 Days)

Based on our experience, look across all the steps identify the opportunity areas and quickly triage.

Core Deliverables:

    1. Go-to-Marketing Plan
    2. Journey mapping:  customer and sales [day-in-the-life] journey
    3. Demand/lead generation plan:  including ad planning and media mix
    4. Customer technology roadmap:  core sales and marketing tech recommendations
    5. Resourcing model: sales and marketing resourcing for short to mid-term
    6. Revenue management: pricing, KPI and target market recommendations
    7. Sales channel plan: channel and partner development
    8. Sales process map: end-to-end process map (from outreach to close)
    9. Financial plan:  sales and marketing budget recommendations
    10. Implementation plan: 12-month implementation plan.
Phase II: Activation (30 - 60 Days)

Phase II: Activation (30 - 60 Days)

As we are developing the quick wins and triaging we are parallel pathing the plan to activate the program and preparing for the acceleration.


Objective: Plan is built and activated to start the growth engine, typically includes


    1. Demand/lead generation delivery
    2. Customer outreach plan
    3. Channel plan/sales Process
    4. Partner negotiations
    5. Sales and Customer Journeys
    6. Resource plan execution
Phase III: Optimization & Acceleration (60+ Days)

Phase III: Optimization & Acceleration (60+ Days)

Objective: deliver the first phase of the plan development strategy, which typically includes:


    1. Technology selection and implementation
    2. Resourcing and outsourcing
    3. Core measurement instruments (dashboards/reports / KPIs)
    4. Channel and partner development plan implementation 
    5. Customer and sales journey implementation
    6. Sales Process map implementation
    7. Resource plan implementation

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