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At Mahdlo Fractional Executives, our team of experienced professionals from leading brands such as Allstate, AT&T and The American Red Cross are here to help business leaders reach their goals. Our unique approach to marketing integration and development has been proven to help organizations achieve sustainable profitability and growth.

Our innovative strategies and expert advice are designed to ensure you have the competitive edge you need to succeed. Our team of seasoned professionals will help you to develop a customized plan to meet your specific objectives. We are committed to offering our clients the highest quality advice and guidance to ensure maximum success.

Take advantage of our extensive experience and let us help you build a successful business. Connect with us today to find out how we can assist you in achieving your goals. With Mahdlo Fractional Executives, you can trust that you will receive the highest standards of service and support to help you reach your objectives.

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We Offer A Different Approach To Driving Growth

Our team of experienced C-Suite advisors are dedicated to helping business leaders reach their goals. We provide the same services as a traditional agency and major consulting firms, with the added benefit of honest, hard-hitting recommendations when needed. Our advisors know what it takes to create winning plans and are committed to providing a professional yet reliable service.

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Marketing Is A Capital Investment And It Should Deliver A Return

Your sales team can help you increase sales, but unlocking new customers and creating opportunities for growth with a unified company strategy will drive your revenue forward. Working together, we can ensure that all resources are focused on achieving the same goal: increased success. As business leaders, you are in a unique position to facilitate this collaborative effort and propel your organization toward greater success. With our professional guidance, you can confidently move forward with the vision of transformation that will bring about sustained growth and increased revenue.

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Exec Tech:  HubSpot vs.

SalesForce and HubSpot are two of the most popular CRM and marketing automation platforms. They both offer a wide range of features and capabilities, but they also have some key differences. One key difference between SalesForce and HubSpot is that SalesForce is more focused on sales and marketing automation, while HubSpot is more focused on customer engagement and marketing automation. This difference can impact how well each platform works for different types of businesses.

Craig A Oldham
Craig A Oldham
On February 02, 2023

AI and Blockchain are Changing Marketing, Right Now!

Basics of AI and Blockchain Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows for the secure, transparent, and automatic recording of all transactions that take place on it. Transactions are verified by network nodes and then added to the blockchain in chronological order. Nodes can be trusted because they are not able to tamper with the data. Blockchain technology can be used to manage various transactions, such as property ownership, securities trading, and contract negotiations.

Craig A Oldham
Craig A Oldham
On January 30, 2023

Foundations of Building Strong Marketing Velocity

The question we need to answer in this post; Why are my marketing efforts not going fast enough?" Building sustainable velocity is critical to any business. Without it, it's difficult to achieve success. The first step in any successful business is creating a strategy. Once you have a plan, you need to build the process and structure to make it happen. We call this sustainable building velocity. It entails building the "right" processes, measuring (what is needed), testing, learning, and

Craig A Oldham
Craig A Oldham
On January 26, 2023

Building a go-to-market strategy

Four Aspects of a Comprehensive Business Plan This post will delve into the go-to-market strategy, one of the four critical components of business planning. The other three are the overall business plan, the sales plan, and the marketing plan. We'll discuss those in subsequent posts.

Craig A Oldham
Craig A Oldham
On January 23, 2023

Four key steps to Growth

Fractional Executives to Drive Sustainable Growth

Sometimes, a single person may not be enough. Fractional CMO and CRO services provide the necessary assistance to a marketing and sales team when hiring a full-time employee may not align with the timelines. These fractional engagements can grant your business the capability and strength it needs. Business leaders can benefit from this professional service.


Strategy Alignment

Align your business strategy to your go-to-market plan and mobilize the team


Measurement & Velocity Process

Measure what moves your business, test what you know, and focus fast.


Right Customer Technologies

Don’t let your technology get in the way of a good plan.  Select technologies that work harder for you.


People & Resources

Don’t outsource your strategy.  Align the right resources with the right functions

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