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Connecting with Remote Workers

Don’t say you are too busy – get curious!  I have had at least 4 people that I have never met reach out to me just to chat in the last few months or so.  They said they were making it a point to learn more about others both inside the company and out during the pandemic.  Turns out one was a former TV News Anchor and another worked for a major biotech company that’s in the running for the vaccine.  It’s human nature to socialize and we know it’s going to be a while before this pandemic is over.  So what are you going to do to stay in your own little bubble, isolated?  No!  As Americans, we love to socialize and connect!   So let’s not let this pandemic keep us from doing that!  We can still socialize in different ways – we do it on Instagram and Facebook.  So let’s get creative!

Here are 3 easy tips to get you connected:

    1. If someone reaches out to you that you don’t know – HAVE A CONVERSATION!  What is the harm in talking to someone you don’t know especially virtually?  During this pandemic, I have met more people than I thought I would and many of them I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise due to time, schedules, location, etc.  One connection alone can change your life!
    2. Join a networking group and meet people on the regular.  These could be people that you have things in common with or not.  What are your interests?  What have you always wanted to learn about?
    3. Learn something new!

A few ideas to get you started:

Connecting with yourself:

Morning Pages App – when you get up in the morning just write/journal 250 words.  Based on the words you use (AI) artificial intelligence identifies what mood you’re in and how you are starting off your day.

Connecting with and Inspiring others

Read the book Dare To Inspire – Sustain the Power of Inspiration in Work and Life by Allison Holzer, Sandy Spataro, and Jen Grace Baron.  It’s a MUST read for entrepreneurs, effective leaders, and CEOs who want to build a competitive advantage through the power of their people!

How to connect

The Robin Roberts Masterclass –  I love Robin!  Most of all I love that she walks you through her story during this class and talks about the power of effective communication and being your authentic self!

Connecting with your clients/customers:

Blurb.com – Write or publish a book and sell it on Amazon with this amazing platform.

If you are looking for 20 more ways to learn something new check this out:

Just remember humans are born wired for connection and connection is a wonderful thing!