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Summer Vacations? Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Go on Vacation Too

Are Your Employees Getting Ready for Some Fun Summer Vacations? Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Go on Vacation With Them

As the summer season approaches, employees are eagerly making plans for well-deserved vacations. While it's essential for your team to recharge and enjoy their time off, businesses often suffer when employees are away. Productivity may decrease, deadlines may be missed, “committed deals” slip or disappear and overall momentum can be lost. In this article, we will explore the impact of employee vacations on businesses and provide precautionary measures that CEOs can take to ensure a smooth operation during the summer months. Additionally, we'll highlight the benefits of engaging third-party advisors, such as Mahdlo, to fortify your business and maintain success.

The Impact of Employee Vacations on Businesses:

Decreased Productivity:
  • According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employee productivity drops by 20% during the summer months due to vacations and other distractions. Absent employees may leave tasks unfinished, leading to delays and setbacks in project timelines.
Missed Deadlines:
  • When key team members are on vacation, it can be challenging to meet deadlines and complete essential projects on time. This can result in dissatisfied clients, missed opportunities, and a dent in the overall reputation of the business.
“Commit Deals” Slip or disappear:
  • So often deals that are required to close during the ‘slow’ months either slip or disappear all together.  Companies try to prepare for this by building a buffer into the forecast but making this calculation can be difficult and missing your number in one quarter only heaps unrealistic expectations into future quarters.
Communication Challenges:
  • Effective communication is vital for a successful business operation. When employees are on vacation, it becomes difficult to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination among team members. This can lead to miscommunications, delayed decision-making, and increased chances of errors or misunderstandings.

Precautionary Measures for CEOs:

Plan Ahead:
  • Encourage employees to submit their vacation plans well in advance, allowing you to assess potential gaps and plan accordingly. Implement a clear vacation policy that ensures a fair distribution of leave and minimizes the impact on the overall team.
Cross-Training and Delegation:
  • Ensure that essential tasks are delegated to competent team members who can cover for absent employees. Cross-training employees on critical roles and responsibilities can help maintain continuity and prevent bottlenecks during vacations.  For SALES - there needs to be a backstop for leaders on vacation - if deals don’t advance they go backwards or disappear.
Customer Communication/Planning:
  • This is critical!  Making sure you are aligned with your customer on key dates and milestones through the summer and that you’re both aligned as to when the deal is expected to close.  Set up agreed to check points throughout the summer with alignment on expectation for each checkpoint.
Utilize Technology:
  • Leverage digital tools and project management software to streamline communication and track progress. Virtual collaboration platforms enable remote employees to stay connected and contribute to ongoing projects, even while on vacation.
Employee Engagement:
  • Boost employee morale and engagement by offering flexibility during the summer months. Consider implementing summer Fridays or shorter workweeks to motivate employees and maintain productivity.

Engaging Third-Party Advisors like Mahdlo:

Third-party advisors, such as Mahdlo, can be valuable partners for businesses seeking to fortify their operations and ensure successful navigation through the summer season. Mahdlo offers blue-chip advisory services and expertise in various areas, including:

Business Continuity Planning:
  • Mahdlo can assist CEOs in developing comprehensive business continuity plans, ensuring that operations run smoothly even when key personnel are away.
Process Optimization:
  • By analyzing and optimizing existing processes, Mahdlo can identify areas for improvement, streamline workflows, and increase overall efficiency, minimizing the impact of employee vacations.
Talent Management:
  • Mahdlo can provide insights and strategies to enhance talent management practices, including succession planning, skill development, and team resourcing, reducing the impact of employee absences on critical roles.
Performance Metrics and Monitoring:
  • With Mahdlo's expertise in performance metrics and monitoring, CEOs can establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress, measure productivity, and identify potential issues during the summer months.


While summer vacations are a time for employees to relax and recharge, businesses must take precautions to ensure that the absence of key personnel does not hinder their operations. By planning ahead, delegating tasks, utilizing technology, and engaging third-party advisors like Mahdlo, CEOs can fortify their business’ for the summer months and ensure they achieve the results they are expecting come Fall.

Ready to fortify your business for the summer season? Partner with Mahdlo Executive Advisors for comprehensive business continuity planning, process optimization, talent management, and performance monitoring. Stay ahead of the vacation season challenges and achieve success. Contact us today!