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Top 11 AI Trends Revolutionizing Customer Experience in 2024

One of the leading business process outsourcers (ibex) (i.e. outsourced call centers) just posted the attached article regarding the top 11 AI trends in Customer Experience (CS) in 2024.  As we're now in the AI era, transformative AI technology is being incorporated into our daily interactions.  Therefore, consumers have growing expectations and dwindling patience, thus many demand more digital, personalized, seamless experiences that require adopting innovative strategies that blend AI into their CX programs.
In fact, Gartner recently predicted that by 2023, 80% of customer service and support organizations will be using some sort of generative AI to improve agent productivity and the customer experience. In this same poll, 38% of leaders considered the improvement of CX and customer retention as the primary goal of using large language models (LLM's). 
Here are the 11 critical AI trends shaping the CX industry in 2024.
  1. Widespread Gen AI Integration
  2. Hyperpersonalization
  3. Bot Manipulation
  4. AI Trust, Risk & Security Management Protocols
  5. AI Optimized Agent Lifestyle
  6. AI for Real-time Agent Assistance
  7. Rise of "Machine Customers"
  8. "Emotion" AI
  9. Predictive AI
  10. Improved AI Voice technology
  11. Reimagined Contact Center Technology Stacks