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When to Hire a Fractional CMO vs. A Traditional Agency

We understand what businesses go through. Even though it is quite enticing to have your entire marketing campaign managed by a professional agency, budget constraints might not allow for that. In most cases, small businesses and startups have to be frugal in order to survive. However, not having a strong marketing team and an associated leadership role to make effective marketing strategies is a loss in itself.

What are the differences between a Fractional CMO and Digital Agency?

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t need to have an in-house marketing officer to stay competitive. They can leverage the services of a fractional CMO to get the same benefits at significantly reduced costs.

Key Differences Between A Fractional CMO And A Digital Agency

Fractional CMOs work on a per-contract basis for short periods that last for a couple of months.  Digital marketing agencies are hired on a contract, too but these contracts can last for months at a time.

Both fractional CMOs and digital agencies focus on customer acquisition, sales development, and overall company growth; however digital agencies take more time to find the right people to cater to your business’s niche. 

Fractional CMOs offer a great guide for your entire team. Since the primary focus of any business should be on sales, they help keep all business departments in line with that goal. They offer cross-functional and cross-vertical expertise that can help businesses grow faster. Digital marketing agencies are usually groups of marketing people that will offer pre-packaged services and not take leadership positions within your company which is vital for its growth.

With a fractional CMO, businesses can own their marketing strategy, which isn’t the case with most marketing agencies. Businesses can get the same benefits as having an in-house chief marketing officer, without the huge costs.

Since most digital marketing agencies are businesses themselves, their involvement in your startup or business will be limited. On the other hand, a fractional CMO can be hired for longer periods to establish a framework for your immediate and long-term marketing efforts. 

Fractional CMO vs Digital Agency: When To Choose Which

Keep the following things in mind when deciding between a fractional CMO and a digital agency:

  • What are your budget limitations?
  • Have you worked out who the target audience of your marketing campaigns is?
  • Are you looking to initiate brand awareness, or are you looking to expand on an existing one?
  • Which part of the marketing sales funnel is your business focused on?
  • Do you have an online presence, and would it help you sell more?

Fractional CMOs are best suited for small and medium-sized businesses that want to get things done quickly, and efficiently. They can help you structure your overall marketing strategy and get things going at a fraction of the cost. Fractional CMOs can also help established businesses make key marketing decisions that can prove beneficial even after their contracts expire.

At Mahdlo, we provide businesses with competitive CMO services that allow you to stay competitive and innovative as you scale your business. Contact us if you’re curious to learn more about how our experts can help you enhance your marketing efforts, or schedule a free, no-obligation consultation now if you’re ready to dive in as soon as possible.