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Riding The Demand

Most marketing and sales strategies are built to ride the demand curve set by their annual business planning process.

Most organizations set this once per year and forget it.  They don’t revise it until it’s too late.

This strategy fails most of the time.  It starts to break down when incremental top-line revenue comes at the expense of margin. 

The first sign is when your sales team tells you they can get you the next revenue dollar with price concessions.  That is when the path to eroding margins and stalled growth begins.

Build in processes to

Move faster than your competitors

By Shifting The Demand Curve

Sustainable growth is derived from making micro-revisions to your go-to-market (GTM) strategy fundamentally shifting your demand curve.  As a result, you move faster than your competition.

Three key components enable sustainable growth:

1. Align with the go-to-market
2. Connect marketing to deliver
3. Focus on outcomes,
4. Build a Culture of improvement

The Mahdlo team is unique.  Our team has been in your position and knows what it takes to drive growth.  We connect marketing and sales.  You can’t win if both sales and marketing aren’t working together. 

Sounds straight forward, but success is in the details.


Key take away

build an agile planning process

Unlock Your Full Potential with Agile Planning

Your technology process, your sales processes, and even your marketing processes have all gone agile. But, your planning process is still an annual event. Then, you’re stuck in the past.

Your business is planning now, for what you are forecasting will happen in the future. That’s gambling with your revenue.

The key to unlocking your full potential and capturing more than your fair share of the market is developing an agile planning process that shifts your demand curve.

The Mahdlo team of advisors knows how to build the process to drive sustainable growth fundamentally. It starts with finance, but must also actively include sales, marketing, and operations.

Keys For An Agile Process To Work

  1. Joint goal development
  2. Create active connection points between stakeholders
  3. Frequent and effective communication
  4. Embrace the chaos.  Ability to adapt to change.

Embrace the unknown and change

  • Get rid of paperwork.  Ditch the forms and briefs
  • Solicit all ideas, Don’t pick and choose
  • Assume you’re wrong and test
  • Embrace the backlog and all the things you “think” you need to do and focus
  • Have daily stand-ups and change based on the facts

Connecting Sales And Marketing

Building marketing capacity & sales effectiveness

Your Growth Starts With A Solid Plan.

We build marketing effectiveness and sales capacity with strategic advisory services and tactical delivery.   We believe it’s essential our clients own their strategy with our help in delivering on the plan.  

The first step is to identify the stallers in your strategy and execution. That comes down to four fundamental questions

    1. solid alignment around the plan (strategic alignment)
    2. going faster for longer (sustainable velocity)
    3. implementivelng the right tools (customer technologies) and
    4. building flexibility in your deployment of human capital (organizational agility)

Your plan is enabled with sustainable velocity, the right technology, and the right investments in human capital.

Half The Money I Spend On Advertising Is Wasted;
The Trouble Is I Don't Know Which Half.

John Wanamaker

Our Experience Will Get You There

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Our team of advisors can assist in identifying where your growth is stuck and how to inject your business strategy with a plan to build sustainable growth.

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