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A conversation with Maria Trysla

Every CEO knows that the role comes with its own set of challenges. In today's ever-changing world, CEOs need to be equipped with the right tools and resources to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape. That's where a fractional executive like Maria Trysla comes in.


Maria Trysla is a seasoned fractional executive who brings with her years of experience working with global telecommunications and cable organizations, as well as consulting with small and mid-market software, technology, and manufacturing companies. She has seen it all when it comes to organizational structures, industry-specific problems, and revenue-producing strategies.

Maria shines in identifying a product's differentiation and building demand, generating leads, and introducing processes to measure and track results. She can build a product that optimizes the customer experience and implement a highly-engaged support model that ultimately accelerates business growth. Maria is a firm believer in focusing on the customer and employee experience as a principal philosophy and the need to “test and learn” in an agile methodology.

So what are the top challenges facing today's CEO? Maria, having led two SaaS companies with PE investment as CEO, shares her thoughts on the subject. She suggests that the top three challenges facing today's CEO are:

  1. Managing Energy: CEOs need to focus on where they direct their time and energy. Ensuring that the organization is focused on the right objectives and key results is a good use of time. Ensuring that Board members support your understanding of how to accelerate growth might be another good use of time.

  2. Managing Customer Relationships and Expectations: It's important to allow the CEO the time and energy to focus on developing customer relationships but also to manage customer expectations as to what value the company can offer their customers. The greatest growth can happen when we anticipate what the customer will need in the near-term future.

  3. Hiring the Right Talent: Hiring the right talent can always add more capacity to the CEO’s abilities to effectively lead. If the CEO can rely on his or her team, this only allows the CEO to focus on other more-pressing issues.

With all the challenges facing the CEO, does it make sense to hire a fractional executive? Maria believes that there is no better time to hire a fractional CMO or CRO to augment the existing leadership team. A fractional CMO or CRO brings experience, expertise, strategic thinking, and results-driven insight to shift the demand curve.

Maria explains that a fractional CMO can allow the CEO to better manage their time and energy on other issues while growing their relationships with key customers in anticipating their changing expectations. Infusion of a fractional CMO can provide an example of effective leadership to ensure that the C-suite is actively engaged in delivering on the growth objectives defined.

Mahdlo is focused on helping small to mid-market companies and private equity and venture capital firms accelerate growth by providing strategic expertise and experience that delivers results. Maria and the Mahdlo team would love to help you move faster and more effectively to transform your business.


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