What Does a Fractional CMO Do?

Earlier, we talked about why your business might need a fractional CMO and how you can benefit from having someone with this valuable skillset on your team. Now, it’s time to dig a little deeper into what a part-time Chief Marketing Officer does and how you can leverage that to boost your marketing efforts.

Scroll down to discover the top seven important things fractional CMOs can do for businesses like yours.

Take Responsibility for Your Marketing Strategy and Results

Apart from creating a goal-oriented marketing strategy for your business and ensuring its proper implementation by your team, an interim CMO also takes responsibility for the results of their work. It means that a part-time CMO comes on board to get things done as they know they’re the ones bearing the accountability for the overall performance of your marketing efforts. 

With a fractional CMO by your side, you won’t need to split yourself between trying to run a business and understanding marketing nuances at the same time. A part-time CMO will take care of all things marketing and ensure the effectiveness of your business’s marketing strategy and let you do what you do the best – manage your business. 

Implement Marketing Integrations

When it comes to working smarter, fractional CMOs are the ones who know how to do it right. With the number of marketing integrations available on the market right now, it’s possible to advance your efforts in the digital world quite significantly. However, the main point here is to analyze and figure out which integrations will make sense to use for your business.

A part-time CMO will help your business automate many manual tasks and add the most useful integrations to your marketing workflow. Eventually, this can contribute to having a step-by-step strategy and all your internal and external marketing efforts working in unison. 

Find New Opportunities

It might be hard to keep up with all the updates and changes in the marketing industry while trying to manage all the other aspects of your business. So an interim CMO will be there to analyze the current market and identify new opportunities your business can benefit from. 

These opportunities might vary from exploring a new marketing platform to updating your email marketing strategy with a more user-centric approach, testing unique ad copies, cooperating with influencers, launching a podcast, etc. To cut a long story short, a fractional CMO will be able to spot the latest trends and make sure your business or brand is keeping up with them.

Maintain Your Desired Marketing ROI

Having a specific amount of money dedicated to marketing is one thing, but knowing how to allocate this budget among all the efforts and make it bring your a reasonable revenue is a much more complex task. 

Knowing the specifics of your business and how various marketing strategies and platforms work, a part-time CMO is responsible for making your money work for you and eventually bringing a desirable payoff. Also, they’re the ones to manage your expectations based on data and your competition. 

Keep Your Marketing Team Focused and Motivated

Building a strong and motivated marketing team is quite challenging. An interim CMO can help you bring the best out of your team and bring in new assets if needed. They can also help discover your employees’ unique talents and skills and direct them into the right and profitable marketing area. 

Plus, having a knowledgeable and results-driven leader can contribute to taking your team to the next level, creating a better working environment, getting them more excited about creative tasks, and thus, improving your overall marketing efforts.

Build Marketing Reports

As a CEO, you always need to know your numbers, and marketing is no exception. By hiring a fractional CMO, you can be sure you always stay updated on how well or bad (hopefully, this one won’t happen too often) your marketing efforts are doing. In addition, a part-time Chief Marketing Officer can be in charge of creating easy-to-understand reports that anyone without a special marketing background can grasp and draw conclusions.

This is especially valuable if you need to report to your stakeholders. Instead of using weird jargon and marketing slang, you’ll be able to use a comprehensive report created by your interim CMO that would clearly portray what’s happening and what needs to happen to reach your company’s goals.

Prevent Unnecessary Expenses

Often, business owners start spending money on everything at once. This usually happens when you’re trying to introduce marketing into your business and don’t know what’s best for your particular industry. That’s how a fractional CMO can be very particular about what strategy needs to be used, when, and how much should be allocated to each marketing channel.

So, apart from saving money by hiring a part-time CMO instead of a full-time CMO, you’ll also be able to make sure that your marketing budget is used in the most efficient way possible. An experienced fractional Chief Marketing Officer can also spot the gaps in your marketing spent and advice on how to fill them in.

At Mahdlo, we offer high-quality fractional CMO services that allow you to get the expertise of an entire executive marketing team without paying for all their time or overhead costs. Contact us if you’re curious to learn more about how our experts can help you enhance your marketing efforts or schedule a free, no-obligation consultation now if you’re ready to dive in as soon as possible.

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